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Top-Tier Designer in California

Whether you're looking for a designer for a domestic build, a commercial property, or a hospitality business, at Saldivar Design Studio, we have close to 30 years of professional experience and are fully qualified to work with you every step of the way throughout California. 

Our Design Services

Are you looking to remodel or an addition to your home?Add those Solar Panels you have been talking about? Maybe going for a remodel for your business's building? Whether it's a small project or a large build, you'll want an designer you can truly rely on for all ground-up and improvement projects from here on out.

We'll Design Your Dream Home

Do you spend your evenings imagining how you would design a Home from driveway to roof? With our home services, you're one step closer to realizing that dream. From finance to even a leaking roof an expert will design it for you. Skip the headache, do it the Saldivar way.